The mission of SBCPA is to proactively represent, strengthen, and promote the discipline and practice of psychology within Santa Barbara County. 

The specific purposes for which the SBCPA is organized are to: a). maintain high standards of ethical practice in the science and profession of psychology; b). provide instruction and dissemination of material in the public interest including, but not limited to, information relating to the field of psychology through publications, lectures or otherwise; c). facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among members of the profession; d). represent the science and profession of psychology to the public, governments, and information media throughout the County of Santa Barbara; e). offer collegial support to members.


  • Revise the existing bylaws to include more diversity, equity and inclusive language. 

  • Plan and successfully implement continuing education, social and community service that reflects the values and priorities of the SBCPA community.

  • Include diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice considerations in all Board related decisions as well as all events held. 

  • Create the Student of Color Equity Award.

  • Keep the website current and up to date with news and events that are important to the SBCPA community.

  • Revive the mentorship program to support students and early career members.

  • Collaborate with other psychological association chapters to bring a variety of programming for continuing education.

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