FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- January 10, 2018

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Santa Barbara County Psychological Association Offers Resources in Response to Tragedy

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – Psychologists in the Santa Barbara County region joined colleagues in

expressing shock and sadness following the recent flash floods and mudslides on Tuesday 9, 2018. Many

area residents lost homes and loved ones as a result of the sudden tragic events in Santa Barbara


“Our community has been through so much chaos and tragedy in a very short time that we’re all feeling

hypervigilant and weary. … Spend extra time taking care of yourself …. Calm will return.” said Dr. Betsy

Bates Freed, president of the association that represents more than 190 licensed clinical psychologists,

graduate students in psychology, and post-doctoral trainees.

Psychologists counsel individuals to seek support from friends and loved ones in order to process the

feelings they are experiencing, and to access professional help if their symptoms do not decline over

time. Taking proactive, empowering action – such as donating blood or supporting those affected by

donating to vetted organizations – can be helpful.

As in previous tragedies, many members of the SBCPA community offer short-term, low-cost or no-cost

therapy to community members who have been touched by this event and who need help managing

more difficult or lasting responses. 

In addition, the SBCPA pointed to helpful resources of the affiliated American Psychological Association

about the aftermath of such events and how these events may impact individuals differently.

The following links to pages on the American Psychological Association’s website provides advice for

those affected by natural disasters, commonly experienced reactions to trauma, and the ways in which

psychological services can provide support.

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