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Minutes January 2015

President: Gil Reyes, PhD

President Elect: Kimberly Taylor, PsyD

Treasurer: Brett Donnelly, PhD

Secretary: Salvador D. Treviño, PhD

Student Representative: Cameron Ziedler, MA, PsyD candidate

Past President: Lauren Guy, PhD

Board Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2015

Attendance: Gil Reyes, PhD; Kimberly Taylor, PsyD; Brett Donnely, PhD; Karen Lehman, PhD; Salvador Treviño, PhD; Denise Mock, PhD; Lauren Guy, PhD; Rachel Hopsicker, PhD; Elisa Gottheil, PhD; Revel Miller, PhD; Chris Fredericks, PhD; Diane Capous, MA, doctoral student.

Review of minutes: December 2014 Board minutes will be reviewed for approval next month.

President’s report: Dr. Reyes called the Board meeting to order at 12:00PM. He informed the Board that a sheet is circulating for members to list their public contact information. This information will be uploaded on the SBCPA website.  

Dr. Reyes expressed the Board’s appreciation of Dr. Hopsicker for her excellent service to SBCPA, and thanked her for a job well-done as Secretary. Dr. Reyes recognized the dedication and good work of outgoing Board Members and welcomed the newly elected officers and committee chairs.

Vanessa Olguin, MA, PsyD candidate was recognized by Dr. Reyes and the entire Board for her unfailing commitment and service to SBCPA as Student Representative. Ms. Olguin will be missed.

Dr. Reyes requested meetings with each 2015 Board Member to review objectives, proposed duties, and procedures that will need to be followed. Of particular interest of Dr. Reyes is identify the kind of support a Board Member will need to ensure success. In reference to the Board’s by-laws that Dr. Reyes will review with each member, Dr. Zetzer informed the Board that any changes to SBCPA’s by-laws need to be reviewed at the CPA state level.  Members agreed it is important to review SBCPA’s by-laws.

Dr. Reyes raised the issue of changing the Board’s meeting time. Previously the Board met on the first Thursday of each month. Tuesday and Wednesday meeting times were considered for 2015-2016. Board Members were polled and arrived to a consensus: For 2015-2016, the Board will meet the first Wednesday of each month from 8:30 – 10:00 AM.

President-Elect report: No report at this time.

Past-president report: Dr. Guy expressed her appreciation for Members’ commitment and service to SBCPA, and deep gratitude to the current Board for their leadership and assistance to SBCPA. “I always feel very proud to be a part of this group”.

Treasurer report: Dr. Mock reported on two business items: 1) Dr. Mock is no longer the Board Treasurer effective 1/14/15. Dr. Donnelly is now the new Board Treasurer effective 1/14/15. On Friday 1-17-15, Dr. Donnelly’s authorization granted by the Board to manage SBCPA’s financial accounts will be formalized. 2) Due to a glitch in the Government’s Notification System, SBCPA lost its tax exempt status in 2012 along with many other non-profit organizations. Consequently SBCPA paid taxes for 2012-2013. Dr. Mock consulted with a certified public accountant specializing in non-profits for guidance in resolving this matter. Dr. Mock reported that SBCPA was able to get a refund with interest on the paid taxes. SBCPA non-profit tax exempt status was restored.  

CPA Representative report: Dr. Zetzer reported that as of January 1, 2015 there will be “no more CPA reps.” “We now have regional representation by Los Angeles chapter of CPA.” In addition, the Governmental Affairs Committee at the State level is now called, Local Advocacy Network, chaired by Dr. Steven Pfeifer.

Salon Committee report: Dr. Lehman reported that she will continue chairing the Continuing Education Committee with Dr. John Lewis until May 2015, at which time two new chairpersons will be needed to lead this committee.

Dr. Lehman reported that SBCPA was approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences as a Continuing Education provider for master’s level clinicians. This certification needs re-approval by March 2015, when it is due to expire. Dr. Lehman requested the Board’s permission to renew the BBS certification. Dr. Gottheil had additional information to share and reported that after March 2015, organizations previously approved by the BBS will lose their certification on the expiration date. After July 2015, there will be no more CE approvals by BBS. Moreover, Dr. Gottheil reported the BBS has a grace period that extends to 2017 for organizations with on-going agreements to provide continuing education for licensed clinicians.

Dr. Lehman moved to re-apply as BBS continuing education provider and requested funds to cover the expense of re-certification. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

In reference to Salon, Dr. Lehman reported that these monthly presentations have been very successful, costing approximately $300 per event.  She requested an additional $130 to cover the expense of procuring a bigger space to accommodate larger audiences that SBCPA Salon is attracting. Dr. Treviño volunteered to ask Antioch University about potential space to hold Salon presentations.

Dr. Lehman moved to explore holding Salons at a larger venue which would incur $130 more in expense. Discussion: Dr. Gottheil reported that the Faulkner Gallery at the Public Library is available for $67 for four hours. Dr. Lehman’s motioned was seconded and carried unanimously.

Website Committee report: Dr. Lehman reported that she will be updating the list of committees and the respective chairs, and will email Board members for their input. Moreover, she will train Board Members to use SBCPA’s websites backdoor administrative functions.  Dr. Lehman informed the Board that she will stay with the Website Committee and welcomes a co-chair.

Membership committee: Dr. Miller recognized Dr. Lehmann for her assistance in membership activities and for her help in “working out the bugs in the website.” As a result, Dr. Miller reported, people are now applying and paying online via SBPCA’s websites. As of today, there are 120 active members for 2015. There are 91 lapsed members from 2014, of which 50 percent are students and are not likely to come back. By next Monday the membership committee will make 91 telephone calls, and will have sent 70 emails, and print letters to encourage people to re-join SBCPA.

In reference to monthly luncheons, Dr. Miller asked the Board’s permission to increase the number to eight. He expressed concern that a large number of members do not respond to multiple invitations and speculated that the time commitment for these events may be too much. Dr. Miller suggested dinner rather than lunch may yield increase attendance to these events.

Dr. Miller proposed four dinners and requested additional funds to cover an increase of $10 per dinner. Luncheons cost $300 each. An increase of $10 per dinner would incur approximately $560 per event. Dr. Miller’s motion was tabled for further discussion.

The Board recognized Dr. Miller for his outstanding contribution to SBPCPA. His diligent efforts successfully resulted in increasing membership.

Social Committee: Dr. Guy reported the installation dinner on 1-23 is moving forward. Twenty-six people are registered at this time, including one graduate student and seven guests. Registration will close on Friday in order to coordinate with the caterer.

Student Representative: Ms. Capous reported that two recruitment events are planned. One is at UCSB on Wednesday 1/21 from 12:00PM – 1:00PM, and the second at Antioch University on Thursday 1/22. Ms. K requested $100 for expenses.   A motion to approve $100 for these events was made, seconded, and unanimously carried.

Adjournment: There being no further business to discuss Dr. Reyes adjourned the Board meeting at 1:00PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Salvador D. Treviño, PhD




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