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Minutes May 2018

President: Betsy Bates Freed, PsyD

President Elect:  Cécile Lyons, PhD

Treasurer:  Eric Nelson, PhD

Secretary:  Christina Donaldson, PhD

LAN Representative: Dean Given, PhD

Student Representative: Scott Young

Past President: Laura Ciel, PsyD

SBCPA Board Meeting Agenda

May 3, 2018, 8:30 – 9:45 AM

President Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 8:30 am.  Present board members included: Dr. Betsy Bates Freed, Dr. Cecile Lyons, Dr. Eric Nelson, Dr. Kim Taylor, Dr. Hallie D’Agruma, Dr. Sandra Keeny, Dr. Dean Given, Dr. Angela Vigna, Dr. Christina Donaldson

Approval of Minutes: Cecile Lyons  motioned to approve minutes, Kim Taylor seconded.  Voted: All approved, zero opposed.

President’s Report

      Complete the CPA Chapter Finance and Membership Report (due June 12018) - mostly involves Treasurer, Membership, and President.

     Wants to know our roster membership, budget, financial standing, and goals/objectives.

President-Elect’s Report

     Nothing to Report - agenda item is in old business


Past President’s Report

     No report

Treasurer’s Report

     Update in account - $19,000 in accounts

     IRS - our fiscal year changed this year and we had issues getting our tax forms through because the IRS system did not recognize our forms had changed.  Problem fixed.

     We have documentation for our taxes last year

Secretary’s Report

     This year’s minutes (2018) have been posted to the website.  Meghan is to get to the board the minutes from previous years that we are missing.

     Spoke with membership regarding membership numbers: we do have 151 members and 147 are receiving the emails. 

     Some members may not have provided an email.

     Some members may have hit unsubscribed.

     Membership to ensure the email list is up to date.

Student Representative’s Report

     Nothing to report

Continuing Education Committee’s Report

      Digital Ethics Workshop

      Have 21 attendees (about a month prior to workshop)

      Advertising attempts: sent local CMFT (2 messages April 6 and May 1), SBCPA (4 messages sent), Ventura Psych Association, SLO Psych Association, Marketing email list (300 email sent April 7), Marketing site from Antioch (200 emails sent), faculty at Antioch, Pacifica, and UCSB

      Did not go out to LA County

      CMFT site - the whole CA not just local. May have to pay for the ad.

      Would it be worth it to do a one time ad in Independent - $300 (YES)

o    Logo - is fixed for it could be used for both large scale and small scale.  Kim to send logo to Sandra for Independent advertising.

o    Kim to send new logo to Betsy, James, Christina, Sandra

      Email list cost $300 - not everyone on the list was related to the mental health professions. 

      Send email out to lasped members.

      Need to pass along contact list to the next CEU Chair.

      Contacted Psychotherapy Today and the Networker and CPA - we are in the event list, too late for the newsletter for CPA (deadline for CPA is February 1).

o  Psychotherapy Networker - Mike McKinna $575 and we will be in weekly newsletter for a month plus a medium rectangle on-line advertising (included in the $575 is they do the graphic, if we do the graphic is is $555).

o  Psychology Today - in conversation with Diana Soko, she can give us a discount, recommended 100 impressions for CA - $1950.  Too high for our budget.

      Suggested board to call SBCPA members - remind members that they are asking for CEU’s and we need their support to provide more CEU’s.

o  Leave voicemail with a description of workshop. Betsy will assign board members to call SBCPA members.

      Trying to figure out why our members are not attending.  Need 40 people to break even.  Last Ethics event brought in 75 members (it was in the fall).

o  There is another Ethics Workshop happening in May

o  Try rewording the workshop to be more specific,

o  Send out every week

      Future CE Events - Hoping to have something in May,

o  June 22 - check with Dean about availability - Jill D Sharkey - Commercial sexual exploitation of children.

o  July or August need dates.  Erika - Supporting Child and Family Mental Health Recovery Post-DIsaster.

o  Salon on Psychologists role in the Opioid crisis - idea for salon in May.  Dean to speak with psychiatrist about CE.

Website Committee’s Report

     No report

Media & Public Relations Committee Report

     No report

     Article in the News Press paper that includes, Laura Ceil and Gail Brenner - needs to be scanned into the Website.

Membership Committee Report

    Networking breakfast set for May 30th - will send out invite. 

    One more mentor with expertise in trauma work, co-occurring disorders, psychological assessment, and neurofeedback.

    Work with Scott about student outreach

Local Advocacy Network Committee Report

     No report

Social Committee Report -

     Secured University club for Installation Brunch - need to give deposit

     Need to have a site for a Holiday Party.  Need guidance for budget if we cannot have it at someone’s house.

     Ask about wine/beer can we serve?

     Potluck at Rocking Knook, place on De La Vina

     Where the Carousel used to be - check into rental.

     Put out a survey to members what social events they would like to have from SBCPA.

     Painting at Cabernet

     Lawn Bowling

     Landshark Tours

     School Bus Tour - wine tasting

     Escape rooms

     Mixer @Bacara

     Mental health Walk, animal shelter

Ethics Committee Report

     No report

Disaster Response Committee Report

     Ongoing Wellness with Community Wellness Team -

     Going through long term recovery phase with coordination between multiple agencies

     Speaker series on resiliency being planned with Cottage Fair as “kick-off”

     County is coordinating new data and maps with state and national agencies


     Karen and Brooke presenting to the community on resiliency at Cottage Annual Health Fair 5/19

     Gail Brenner and Laura Ceil were interviewed by New Press.


     Marketing Brochures/Banner - logo is fixed

     Job Descriptions - bring back next week

     Cecile Lyons handed out an outline a copy of old job description for Board Members

     Review it and update it.

Policies and Procedures

     Will discuss more next meeting

     We don’t  have it for all the positions.  Discrepancy on how it should be used and how it should be written.

     Templates are not on the google doc on the secretary account


            CPA Chapter Finance and Membership Report Due June 1 2018

Meeting Adjournment at 9:45AM

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