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Minutes November 2018

  • President: Betsy Bates Freed, PsyD
  • President Elect:  Cécile Lyons, PhD
  • Treasurer:  Eric Nelson, PhD
  • Secretary:  Christina Donaldson, PhD
  • LAN Representative: Dean Given, PhD
  • Student Representative: Scott Young, MA
  • Past President: Laura Ciel, PsyD

SBCPA Board Meeting Minutes

November 1, 2018

President Call to Order: President called to order 8:39 am.

Attendance: Dr. Eric Nelson, Dr. Christina Donaldson, Dr. Winifred Lender, Dr. Betsy Bates Freed, Dr. Kimberly Taylor’s, Dr. Laura Ciel, Dr. Hallie D’Agruma, Dr. Angela Vigna, Scott Young, MA, Dr. Cecile Lyons

Approval of Minutes 

     October, 2018 - minor correction to minutes.  It was changed to signify that members have agreed to be nominated for the 2019 Board slate.

     Dr. Laura Ciel motioned to approve the minutes, Dr. Kim Taylor seconded, all approved, none opposed - minutes approved.

New Business

1.    Renewal of SBCPA Directors and Officers Insurance policy, expires 12/01

a.    Last year it was difficult due to fires and mudslides; this year past president, Dr. Laura Ciel informed present president Dr. Betsy Bates Freed about the expiration date early enough to ensure there were no issues.

                                                      i.        The renewal was sent to our PO Box.  WHo checks the PO Box? Dr. Eric Nelson stated it was our bookkeeper - and she checks it frequently.

2.    When nominations for new SBCPA Board is finished, please send list to Dr. Laura Ciel so she can get that to membership after Thanksgiving.

3.    Request from Michael Katz for CPA sponsorship - would we be willing to be one of the chapters to sponsor the CPA convention.

a.    Dr. Winifred Lender asked how often do they request chapters to donate.  Dr. Kim Taylor recalled that it was a general request for finding advertisers.  Dr. Eric Nelson stated that we have a very lean budget and that would make it very difficult.  Dr. Taylor reminded the board that our goal this year was to focus on our own advertising within our own town.  We already have members that need to be CPA members.  Dr. Lender pointed out that we need to make sure we have money in our reserves for the year is unpredictable for the needs of our community.

b.    CPA asked for 1,000 donation from our board. 

c.    Dr. Kim Taylor motioned to not donate money to CPA due to our lean budget, Dr. Eric Nelson second, all in favor, none opposed.

Old Business

     Carr Winery event:

     Event went well.  Social Chair noted that payment arranging events were not clear and so in moving forward for future events, keep payment arrangements in mind.  Total people showed up were around 30 people. 

     For future, Social Chair and Membership Chair to write down contacts spoke to, what was needed in order to help the next person plan the event.  Where will that be stored? Make a document and have it stored in the secretary gmail. 

     Successful in signing up new members - they have paid but have not signed up via the website.  Dr. Cecile Lyons was great in recruiting new members.  In future it would be great to have the tablet there to help people sign up for the website and emails.

     Event - consider having it on a Thursday night instead of Friday night. Dr. Cecile Lyons noted that part of the problem with the event was it was confusing to know who was a part of SBCPA and who was a Carr patron.  There was a band and our space was where the band was playing, which displaced where we normally have our event.

     Note in the event report that having it on a Friday night is problematic due to popular night out and a band playing.  Also note to keep in touch with the schools to encourage students to participate.

     When Social Chair booked the event she requested to have a sectioned off area, but when we showed up there were people already there in the area and hard to move them out.

     Dr. Kim Taylor discussed the importance of keeping information (in past she had a notebook that board members would pass on to the next board member) for board members to pass on to the next person in that position.  It’s a great selling point for the future.

     Dr. Betsy Bates Freed suggested asking Dr.James Fortman  to create a file for each board position so information can be saved in one central location.

     Dr. Winifred Lender suggested having a standardized event report.  She offered to circulate template. 

     Dr. Hallie D’Agruma suggested having a binder where people can access all of this information including policies and procedures, as well as what previous Chairpersons have done in the past. Dr. Taylor suggested that binders may get lost, so putting it online is better.

     Scott suggested using Google Drive

     Dr. Kim Taylor suggested James make a document on how to access documents for each board position so future chairpersons can know how to access past information. Dr. Taylor asked how many people have access to the folders on the website.  In the past it was limited to 5 people on the SBCPA website, but on Google Drive there are no limits of access.  Then the folders can be available on website.  Dr. Taylor suggested that James have a How to access folders direction page for Board Members to help them access materials online.

     Brochure update.

     Graphic designer sent out one side of the two sided brochure to the brochure committee - Dr.’s Kim Taylor, Cecile Lyons, Betsy Bates Freed, and Winifred Lender were not pleased with how it was looking, so they are still trying to work with wording and colors.  The first version was not adequate and need to redo it.

     Dr. Betsy Bates Freed asked if we could increase our budget to $400 instead of $200.  Dr. Kim Taylor motioned that we increase budget by $200.  Dr. Cecile Lyons second.  DIscussion:  Dr. Cecile Lyons suggested that the price is a bargain.  Dr. Kim Taylor suggested that handing over a product that is exactly what we want is beneficial.  Dr Hallie D’Agruma asked about finding templates on line, since it didn’t sound like they were pleased with what he produced.  Dr. Freed stated that they didn’t give him much to work with and takes responsibility for this is a new area for her.  Dr. Betsy Bates Freed suggested that he has better stock photos and templates.  The brochure will be passed out to the community, local agencies, Cottage Hospitals, promoting psychologists and differentiating us form other professionals, as well as something in our own private practice.  Also for the new person who steps into LAN when they are in Sacramento meeting with lobbyist.

     Suicide prevention CE workshop proposal.

     Winifred is taking the lead while Sandra is on maternity leave. Spoke with Gina from Glendon, interested in working with us and next week will send a proposal.  Lisa Firestone stated that she would be offering a reduced rate.  The workshop is 6 hrs, potential date is Spring. We do not want to offer a workshop in the rainy season since our resources may be scattered.

     Antioch stated that they would offer their venue for free if we offer the workshop to their students and faculty.  We need to clarify. 

     Gina has connections with Gill Reyes and suggested him coming to do a PFA workshop. Separate workshop.  Originally it was discussed that Gill come down to teach PFA - Let’s get all the proposals together before we come to conclusions.

     Want to offer other discounts to other groups in town (per Gina’s suggestion) but we need to follow up and see what that actually looks like.  Dr. Winifred Lender will follow up to get clarification.  We do not provide CE’s to other groups (I.e. nurses, teachers, etc.)

     Look into grants and sponsorship for the event - maybe find someone to underwrite the event (grants for disaster preparedness, etc.).  Dr. Kim Taylor brought up finding sponsors or underwriters for the suicide prevention event.

     Update on slate of officers - nominations

     LAN potential - Juliet R. Brown confirmed she is willing to be nominated

     CE potential - need a chairperson. 30 or more people that have been contacted. We have a strong committee.  One of the more interesting roles. Dr. Betsy Bates Freed asked if she needed suggestions for Chairperson.  Dr. Cecile Lyons read off the committee members: Diane Sharpe, Sandra Kenny, Brendon, Jessie Valdez.  Dr. Kim Taylor suggested having a co-chair with Diane and Dr. Betsy stated that Diane is not wanting to have chair title.  Dr. Cecile Lyons stated we needed a “ring leader” to help lead the committee

     Dr. Cecile Lyons asked in regards to nominations, asked for clarification on Nicole Prester and Diane Diaz - are they both licensed or students?  Dr. Nelson stated that she (?) is not licensed and trying to prepare for her exams.  Dr. Betsy Bates Freed suggested that having a newly licensed psychologist is not the best idea for this position.

President’s Report

     Gail Brenner, PhD. - member for many years and a past president. She is retiring and leaving Santa Barbara.  Can we send a letter wishing her well and thanking her for her years of involvement with SBCPA.  Betsy will write a letter on behalf of SBCPA board.

President-Elect’s Report

1.    Meeting location and meeting schedule update for 2019

a.    Thursday mornings are the best, moving it to the second Thursday of the month instead of the first to avoid two holidays.

b.    Visited facilities suggested by board members and there were some issues, a lot of facilities are not open at 8:30am.

                                      i.        Red Cross - issues because faculty is not open at the time.  We would need to open with a code and keep it propped open, internet issues, and have to set up chairs.  Thank you Dean for facilitating the meeting.

                                     ii.        Antioch - $25/meeting, has parking, is open during the hours needed. Which is reduced from normal cost of $100/meeting.  The cost would be $150 for the 6 months at Antioch. It allows students and faculty to be there longer at our meetings. May be good to have a presence there to encourage participation. Scott moved the motion to accept Antioch’s offer of $25/meeting for the first 6 months, Angela seconded.  All approved. None opposed.

2.    2019 Nominee Status

3.    Doodle poll will go out for weekend retreat for new Board

4.     Policy and Procedure.

a.    Examples of policy and procedures that need to be written up: what to do when outsiders ask to post on listserv, who goes to be (?) find a psychologist section, past notebooks - have records of what has and has not worked.  If we can’t find the template for past events, ask Karen Lehman - she knows where templates are stored on website.

Past President’s Report

     Get nomination slate to Dr. Laura so she can send out slate to members for voting.

Treasurer’s Report

     Budget Update - $14,000 in combined accounts.  It’s a little bit lower than normal. Eric will come up with a template so each committee knows how much they have in their budget.

Secretary’s Report

     No report

Student Representative’s Report

     The first “coffee hour” has been scheduled for December 3rd 6-7pm on the Lighthouse Coffee shop on the Mesa (Hallie will be presenting - things you need to know about opening a private practice)

     Is there an acceptable budget amount for the event? I anticipate 10-15 people (ideally) at $5/person (i.e., for their coffee), so a budget of $50 to $75 for each coffee hour should be plenty. There is no line item in budget, yet it can be covered in Social Budget and there is enough money to cover the event.

     Motion to hold coffee hour December 3rd have $75 allotted - Christina motioned, Cecile second, all approved,none opposed

     An announcement will be going out next week to graduate students. Should it go out to other subsets of the membership as well? Just students since there isn’t a large budget.

Continuing Education Committee’s Report

     Don MacMannis Nov. 16 - still waiting for CPA approval

     Penny Clemmons Nov. 30 - still waiting for CPA approval

     Suicide prevention workshop featuring Lisa Firestone - already discussed

     Possible CE event featuring Gil Reyes on disaster response/PFA - already covered.

     Dr. Christina Donaldson handed CE slips to Dr. Betsy Bates Freed.

Website Committee’s Report


Media & Public Relations Committee Report

     Jordan Witt, 2019 preparation - has great ideas and is very excited for the role.  Wants to get more involved with the board.

Membership Committee Report

     Upcoming breakfast - not a lot of people signed up.

Local Advocacy Network Committee Report

Social Committee Report

     Holiday party Dec. 7: details, responsibilities, final invitation

     Starting prep for Holiday party

     Need list of committee members for Social. Susan Rapley signed up for being on the committee next year. Tina Patelinas (has not responded to phone calls, emails).  Betsy sent a string of emails of people volunteering for holiday party.

     Formal invitation to be sent out include what people are supposed to bring (salads, side dish, or dessert) and directions - get it out by tomorrow.


Ethics Committee Report

     Had a clinical issue that should have been covered by supervisor but it wasn’t really an ethical concern, more of a clinical concern.

     CPA only has ethical or legal issues not clinical.

Disaster Response Committee Report

     The CWT (Community Wellness Team) is now meeting weekly to prepare for the rainy season. More stress/distress is being reported in those who live and work within the Recovery Zone of Montecito, since September

     Given that the need for Long-term therapy is increasing, and given that traditionally our member surveys have not had a good response rate, once the initial crisis has passed - we decided to just have anyone on the HOPE 805 team, or other outreach group, email Karen directly if longer term counseling is needed  - and Karen can forward these emails to Christina to send out on our List-serv. CWT members liked this option

     There was some discussion that trauma symptoms and distress from Natural Disasters often “peak” around 18 months post-disaster

     Given that new FEMA interactive evacuation maps were just released last week, it is important that we know about the changes, and can, in turn, help the community understand. All the new info can be found at Briefly, the changes:

     There are no longer any “yellow” warning zones, only Red Mandatory zones, that seem to follow stream beds - many people are affected by these changes. Some people are now no longer in Red zones, and some people have now been moved into Red Zones, when they previously were not in them.

     Also, the county wants to bring attention to the areas that lie between the Red Zones. These areas are not officially evacuation zones, but the people who live “in between” the Red Zones are urged to have emergency supplies to survive for 14 days, without assistance from county resources, and potentially without access to water, gas, electricity, sanitation, or roads in and out. County told these residents that they may want to evacuate during risk times if they do not have a 14-day supply, or if they feel uncomfortable about being “cut off”. The Catch-22 is that they will not be able to receive Homeowners’ Insurance reimbursement for evacuation expenses, since they are not in a Mandatory evacuation zone

     The rain thresholds which predict debris flow risk have also changed, and a quite a bit more complicated

     Also, residents should likely be prepared for changes to evacuation zones throughout the upcoming months, based on changes in risk. The county wants residents to know that this is not because they are “disorganized”, but because they are constantly assessing and improving the accuracy of predictions, based on changing environmental conditions.

     Also, keep in mind that the FEMA interactive map, and evacuation zones applies not just to Montecito, but there are High Risk Red Mandatory evacuation zones in Goleta (from the Whittier Fire), and Carpinteria (from the Thomas Fire)

     The bottom line is that we should urge those we know in any of these neighborhoods to keep up to date and be prepared

     CWT is working on a handout for Media, on how to report information related to natural disasters, evacuations, etc  - we hope to offer an in-person training as well

     A number of different anniversary events were discussed - there is a broad range of different needs in our community, and we discussed how to be respectful of various needs. For example, the families of the deceased for the most part do not want to be involved in community events, and do not want the names of their families members read at public events, at this time

     Das William’s office is still working with AirBnB to make it possible for property owners to receive reimbursement if they donate their properties during evacuations

     We also discussed creating a system to help elderly and/or disabled community members during evacuations -- Habitat for Humanity and the SB Bucket Brigade are potential groups with memberships who could help with this process

     The Santa Barbara Foundation has some funding available for individuals needing longer-term therapy, but who do not have insurance or the funds available to pay… Kate Wiebe will help us coordinate a system for accessing these funds

     Karen will be co-presenting at a Cottage Hospital Grand Rounds in January with the HOPE 805 leads, the topic will be on long-term recovery, etc.


Meeting Adjournment at 9:45AM

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