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Minutes August 2018

President: Betsy Bates Freed, PsyD

President Elect:  Cécile Lyons, PhD

Treasurer:  Eric Nelson, PhD

Secretary:  Christina Donaldson, PhD

LAN Representative: Dean Given, PhD

Student Representative: Scott Young

Past President: Laura Ciel, PsyD

ATTENDANCE:  Betsy Bates Freed, PsyD; Cecile Lyons, Phd;  Kim Taylor, PsyD; James Fortman, PsyD; Megan Donahue, PhD; Hallie D’Agruma, PhD; Sandra Kenny, PhD

PRESIDENT’S CALL TO ORDER:  The President observed that there were not enough members in attendance to meet the requirements for a quorum.  Therefore, the minutes were not reviewed for acceptance.

MINUTES:  Approval of the minutes will take place electronically.


                ·  The President brought to our attention the lack of coordination between clinical psychologists in the community and Cottage Hospital.  She related times when she could not get information about a patient who had been hospitalized and had difficulty coordinating treatment after discharge.  She also pointed out that the procedures are unclear for a practicing psychologist to seek admission at Cottage Hospital on behalf of a patient.  She reported that she had been in consultation with Dr. Paul Erickson about the matter and he was very responsive.  He has agreed to participate a ‘Salon-like’ professional discussion on a week night other than Friday.  The response from those assembled was very positive.  The President will contact Dean Given about the possibility of hosting the discussion sometime this fall.

                ·  Secondly, the President shared an issue that had come up with a Psychological Assistant’s

request to post a self-introduction on the website with an appeal for referrals. It was agreed that it was the responsibility of the supervising psychologist to make any introductions.  There also was discussion about the legalities and ethics of billing for the services provided by a Psychological assistant.  It was generally agreed that those were issues that are also the responsibility of the Supervising Psychologist.

                This discussion brought up the topic of repeated postings by a few members.  Although there was acknowledgement that the use of the member privilege is unbalanced, it was also agreed that if there were more postings by many members, the website and listserv would be more vibrant and a testimony to a dynamic nature of the professional community. It was the concurrence that relevant postings by the President periodically could set an example and include an invitation to others to share likewise.

OLD BUSINESS:               

· Edited Job Descriptions were disseminated to the board members who were present.  In keeping with the electronic message to ALL board members inviting feedback, there was a review of language, content, and principles.  Members were asked to respond to the President-Elect directly about any further additions or edits.

· The President reported on efforts to identify a graphic designer who would work with the association to develop a brochure and to review the visual experience of the website.  The choice will be made from the following: (PW qdesign)

Disaster Response Committee Report:  Dr. Donahue reported that SBCPA has been invited to present to a state- wide group hosted by CPA.  The representative from the Disaster Response Committee would be discussing the chapter’s collaborative approach to supporting the community following the Thomas Fire and resulting Montecito Mud Slide.  The cost of participation at the meeting was reported as under $500

                At the time of the board meeting, there was uncertainty about the status of the current budget and cash flow.  The assembled members were very enthusiastic about the benefits of being represented at the meeting.  The President proposed that the budget balance be clarified with an online discussion that included the Treasurer followed by an electronic vote to cover the travel costs associated with sending a representative.

President’s Report:  None

President Elect’s Report:  None

Past President’s Report:  None

Treasurer’s Report:  None

Secretary’s Report:  None

LAN Representative Report:  (Sent via email) Dr. Tina Panteleakos and Ginette “Gigi” Sims have agreed to serve on the Lan Committee.  At a recent planning session, a Meet and Greet with Assembly member Monique Limon and a student gathering at UCSB to inform students about advocacy matters were considered.

Student Representative’s Report:  None

Continuing Education Committee Report: 

Website Committee Report:  None

Media and Public Relations Committee Report:  None

Membership Committee Report:  None

Social Committee Report:  None

Ethics Committee Report:  None

ADJOURNMENT:  The President adjourned the meeting at 9:45AM.

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